For physiotherapists Physilife conducts workshops on advanced manual therapy skills. Physilife workshops are fun filled and informative sessions aimed to boost hands on skills and clinical reasoning. Participants can apply their learning on the patients immediately. Myofascial Modulation Myofascia can be influenced


It is well known that appropriate ergonomics improves work efficiency and prevents injury. However, to be effective the ergonomic measures have to be individualized. A ‘one size fits all’ approach probably does more harm than good. That’s where we step

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Physilife provides physiotherapy services of highest standards to the patients. With superior knowledge, skills and equipments we help the patients to return to their optimal levels of function.  With extensive experience and training from international faculties our therapists are here

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  • Dry Needling Assessment form

    Dry Needling Assessment form

    Assessment and recording of Dry Needling is an integral part of a DN session. However, there is no standardized procedure. Hence I have made this form, which should make the whole documentation process easy to record and easy to retrieve.Read More »
  • SPIDER: Needling with the web of safety

    SPIDER: Needling with the web of safety

    One of the major dangers associated with dry needling is pneumothmorax. Although documented cases are rare a needler should still exercise utmost precautions because of two reasons. First, it is a serious, even potentially fatal hazard. Second, the margins ofRead More »
  • Demystifying Dry Needling: Analgesia

    Demystifying Dry Needling: Analgesia

    Many healthcare professionals are skeptical about dry needling. Indeed, for the uninitiated it is difficult to comprehend how a seemingly innocuous needle without any medicine can produce any therapeutic benefit beyond placebo. This article series will try to answer someRead More »

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News & Publications

  भोपाल।  मसल्स पेन से परेशान शहरवासियों के लिए अच्छी खबर है। अब बिना किसी दवा के उन्हें इस दर्द से निजात मिल जाएगी। दरअसल शहर के कुछ फिजियोथेरेपिस्ट मसल्स पेन से मरीजों को मुक्ति दिलाने के लिए ड्राई निडलिंग

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Subhanjan sir we loved the way you taught us and wish to see more coming up from you.

Shikha Singh, Bhopal

i attended Dr. Subhanjan Das's Workshop on Dry Needling at CMRI, Kolkata. It was quick and easy to learn the fabulous effective technique to alleviate MyoFascial Pain.

Faiyaz Ahmed, New Delhi

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