“Council Will Have A Tremendous Positive Effect  On

 Physiotherapy  Profession”

Professor C K Senthil Kumar, PhD wears many hats. He is a11224360_1067902773242707_3191209352288901836_n physiotherapist, a teacher, an administrator, an organizer, a researcher and a philanthropist; duties that need him to travel across the nation, working impossible hours. And yet, he performs all these work with easy elegance, wearing a crisp suit, a brilliant smile and a great sense of humour.

We caught up with Senthil sir in a typical busy day. He shifted back and forth between this interview and series of meetings, loads of paperworks and numerous phone calls. Once again we marveled on his multitasking capabilities which he has refined over the years.

Another quality that stayed with him through the years is his youthful appearance. We decided to start our interview from that point.

PHYSILIFE: Your looks haven’t changed since the past one and half decades sir. What is the secret?

Senthil Sir: Praise to Almighty. The secret is I love what I do; being a physiotherapist and always staying positive whatever might be the tidings.

PHYSILIFE: The physiotherapy profession meanwhile has changed considerably. How would you compare physiotherapy today with what it was when you started out?

Senthil Sir: I see a tremendous change in the field, a change that is positive, dynamic, and good.  A physiotherapist has evolved in to being his/her own master. The field of physiotherapy currently provides exciting, innovative and  invigorating environment for all physiotherapists.

“MBA students were posted under Senthil sir to learn management skills.”

For Senthil sir it’s always students first. During our time sir had organized a full blown conference with Rs. 1 registration fee, so that everyone can afford it. The doors of Senthil sir’s house are always open for the students. They become part of his extended family. The discussions off the classroom provide great nourishment for mind as well as stomach!

Sir’s management skills are legendary, so much so that at one time he was entrusted with the responsibility of 20+ courses, besides physiotherapy. Even MBA students were posted under Senthil sir to learn hands on management skills.

Einstein Jerome

(Former Student)

Physiotherapist & PhD Scholar

ESIC Model Hospital & Research Institute, Bangalore

(Govt. of India)


Physiotherapy Jobs Portal

Executive Committee Member

Bangalore Physiotherapists Network

PHYSILIFE: The PHYSIOCON has now become one of the most popular events among the physio community. How did it start?

Senthil Sir: The spark for PHYSIOCON was ignited five years ago, when I thought it’s high time to honour our teachers, luminaries of physiotherapy field and to give opportunity to other physios to honour their teachers. By the grace of God annual PHYSIOCON event has become a huge success and PHYSIOCON 2017 has become one of the known events throughout the country.

PHYSILIFE: The PHYSIOCON 2017 is already making right noises. Tell us something about it? Is it too costly to attend?

Senthil Sir: The PHYSIOCON 2017 will be an exciting platform for the physiotherapy fraternity to come together  and exchange their views, latest professional practices, professional skills, innovative ideas, experiences and infuse dynamism in to ever changing physiotherapy field. PHYSIOCON 2017 is not going to be expensive.

PHYSILIFE: You got a wonderful response from the physiocon 2016. Did you expect such a high turnout?

Senthil Sir: Yes, we certainly expected a high turnout because of the fact that our sincere endeavour to create a platform for physiotherapy fraternity to come together and to carry the profession to new horizons has been appreciated by all.

PHYSILIFE: Tell us something about Dr. MG. Mokashi.  The present generation of physiotherapists do not get much opportunity to interact with him.

Senthil Sir: Dr. Mokashi sir is Godfather to me. I feel he is Godfather for the profession. He is the man of principles and known to adjust to the profession who is working constantly for the professional development in spite of his ill health. 

I had never seen a person who is so humble and cares for his students.  I remember when I was a student he picked me in his Bajaj scooter from Bombay Mulund East station to his house to teach me.  Like me many students stayed at his house and studied. As a father to all of us, he helped many students to pay their fees.

PHYSILIFE: The physiotherapy  council is long overdue, will it happen anytime soon?

Senthil Sir: Yes definitely it will happen. The IAP and all other associations joined by good willed people are working tirelessy and together to achieve this.

“The most humble person and a great mentor, Dr CK Senthil Kumar is not only an excellent professional person but a true human being in all respect. He has been a constant source of  inspiration and a torch bearer.”

Dr.Syed Muhammad Waris, PT

(Former Student)

Associate Director, Academics

London Academy of Sports and Health sciences, (LASHS) UK

PHYSILIFE: On a hind sight do you think we should have settled with RCI?

Senthil Sir: I strongly believe one should always keep moving as the time and situation warrants and looking back does not serve any purpose.

PHYSILIFE: If the council happens will it change the profession significantly for patients and physiotherapists?

Senthil Sir: I strongly believe that a council will have a tremendous positive effect on physiotherapy profession.

PHYSILIFE: You juggle between lots of responsibilities. How do you manage time?

Senthil Sir: I don’t manage time, time is managing me and I strongly believe in the ethos complete the work of the day and sleep peacefully.

PHYSILIFE: Before we finish please tell our young readers, is present era a good time to take up BPT?

Senthil Sir: The present era provides an excellent, invigorating and dynamic environment for any aspiring physiotherapist and it is an evergreen profession. I feel proud that the rise of my students and the professionalism what I maintained made my elder daughter Chrislin Jennifer to take up physiotherapy without any compulsion.

PHYSILIFE: What are your advises for a young physiotherapist who is just starting out?

Senthil Sir: I would like to suggest to young physiotherapists to always have the zeal to maintain highest level of professional ethics and competency at all times and always strive sincerely and wholeheartedly for the betterment of physiotherapy profession.



Exclusive Interview with Prof. C K Senthil Kumar, PhD
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5 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with Prof. C K Senthil Kumar, PhD

  • May 21, 2016 at 1:26 am

    Hatsoff to Senthil sir he is very hardworking and good human being. Multitalented person. .

  • May 21, 2016 at 5:50 am

    Excellent encouraging interview, I have gone through recently about our noble profession. He has not mentioned any personal acheivement with pride but about the career and the devotion towards his work to uplift profession to a further height. I feel very sad seeing that people claiming in the social media about their personal achievements instead of being humble for the professinal uplift, Prof.C. K Senthilkumar is an exceptional personality, very few I have gone throuh. I would be very happy to carry forward the torch which you are showing the path in this darkness for our next generation. I also convey my heartfelt thanks to Physilife to ptrsent us a personality like this.

  • May 21, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    There was this one time just before my MPT Exams. Two days prior to the exam, I got my Admit Card which had a major mistake in my name and gender. I did not know what to do and many office and teaching staff jumped to the conclusion that I need to rush to the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) and get it corrected. Like many other times, I decided to go and discuss this with my Principal C K Senthil Kumar who just corrected the wrong ones, signed it and added that if any invigilator have any queries, I can directly call him.
    That is how quickly and efficiently he dealt with any issues and always stood by his students.

  • May 22, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    That’s encouraging interview to every growing students out there. Hope your message will reach to every student who is still confuse about their study. We are rising because we have person like Senthil Sir who is having his hand on building up the base for every growing Physio. Feels good to study under your umbrella. Proud to be Physio.

  • May 24, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    A perfect person indeed


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